• Question: what games do you play

    Asked by alex to Hannah, Lucy, Phil, Rochelle, Stephen on 7 Mar 2017.
    • Photo: Lucy Kissick

      Lucy Kissick answered on 7 Mar 2017:

      I’m 100% always up for Spyro the Dragon, but failing that anything from Playstation1. Anything newer is way too cool for me.

    • Photo: Hannah Sargeant

      Hannah Sargeant answered on 7 Mar 2017:

      The only games I was ever good at were dance mat and guitar hero! Now I play more sports like ultimate frisbee. If you’ve never heard of it, watch a youtube video, it’s a super energetic sport!

    • Photo: Rochelle Velho

      Rochelle Velho answered on 7 Mar 2017:

      The best game was using a Virtual Reality Headset and pretending to be on Mars. As I can’t take that home…I would settle for Skyrim.

    • Photo: Phil Sutton

      Phil Sutton answered on 7 Mar 2017:

      At the moment most the games I play involving some kind of chasing of my two year son around the house. However, I used to play lots of computer games and anything from PlayStation 1 – 3 I would have had and played. I hoping to get a PlayStation 4 at some point and catch up on everything I have been missing out on.

    • Photo: Stephen Pulker

      Stephen Pulker answered on 8 Mar 2017:

      I got quite obsessed with Modern Warfare 2 and 3 at one point but have managed to kick the habit.
      My fondest memories of playing games with friends are Goldeneye and Mario Kart 64 . . . old school.
      Even older than that . . . I loved Zelda on the Gameboy but that is going all the way back to 1993!
      I remember playing Super Mario Bros at the end of the 80’s.
      Right . . . flashback over . . . I can hear you all rolling your eyes at how sad I am.

      I hope to get a PS4 soon.