• Question: do you ever play minecraft

    Asked by savage_banana to Hannah, Lucy, Phil, Rochelle, Stephen on 7 Mar 2017. This question was also asked by modtom.
    • Photo: Lucy Kissick

      Lucy Kissick answered on 7 Mar 2017:

      No, not once! Sorry mate

    • Photo: Rochelle Velho

      Rochelle Velho answered on 7 Mar 2017:

      I used to when I had more time 🙂

    • Photo: Stephen Pulker

      Stephen Pulker answered on 7 Mar 2017:

      Nope. But I played Terraria, which is similar.

    • Photo: Phil Sutton

      Phil Sutton answered on 7 Mar 2017:

      I haven’t played it but I am very aware of its importance to the training of future scientists. Its like the scientists version of a toy that helps them with future skills in the same way meccano might help a future engineer hone their skills.